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This is the official LiveJournal page for C3Nostalgia, the Century III Historical Society
The LiveJournal homepage of C3Nostalgia - The Official-Unofficial Century III Historical Society.

Even though our name derives itself from Century III, this LiveJournal will contain entries of other malls and stores that were never in the mall. Our founders have a large collection of general retail items, just a majority of them are Century III related! However, the Flickr group shall remain all about Century III only.

We have hundreds of photos, newspaper ads, and artifacts concerning the mall and the retail stores surrounding the mall from conception to today.

As we are fan-run, and thus working on a zero-dollar budget, it may take a while to get a good collection of these items online for the public to view. However, we are working on it a little at a time. So please be patient and bear with us.


Are we accepting new members?
-Yes! We do accept new members, but we do not have a meeting place or office location. Anyone is free to join this community. You may also add a photo to our Flickr group or donate an item to become a member.

I have an item I would like to donate. How can I do that?
-We are always open for donations of photographs, artifacts, shopping bags, what have you, so if you have an item you would like to donate, please send a PM to altric. We will get back to you within a reasonable time frame on how/where you can give us the item(s). All items donated to C3Nostalgia will cataloged and preserved in a private archive owned-and-operated by our founding members. Unfortunately though, this archive is not viewable by the public just yet, but we will post photos of many of the items in our possession to the C3Nostalgia group on Flickr.

If I donate an item, can I see the archive?
-Unfortunately not. For good reason, the physical archive is in an undisclosed location. And due to the way that items are preserved, it would be impossible for us to allow access to the archive to anyone else at this time. Please just admire the photos for now.

I want to know the name of a store, but don't remember much about it. Is there a way you can help me?
-If you give us enough information, we can tell you the name of the store. If you can tell us the location of it, what was around it, the year you think it is from, or what kind of stuff they sold, we can help you. However, even our archives are incomplete and they have gaps in information. Particularly of the mid-late 1980's is where we have a serious lack of information.

I have noticed an inaccuracy in your information on a particular photo.
-If you notice anything incorrect with our information, please bring it to our attention. We will correct it. As said above, our archives have date gaps, so our information may sometimes be inaccurate. You are always welcome to correct us on any inaccuracies; we do not take offense corrections. We actually encourage you to correct us. We are actually constantly looking over our information for inaccuracies.

Whatever Happened to (Insert Store Name Here)?
-We can probably answer your question depending on what the store was. Many stores were moved and/or renamed, and many others simply were closed due to bankruptcies or corporate takeovers.

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