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New Things in store for 2011!
C3Nostalgia 79
altric wrote in c3nostalgia
To keep ongoing interest in the C3Nostalgia organization by those who remember the mall in its golden days, I have decided that for 2011, I will be uploading a new photo or an item from the mall to the C3Nostalgia Flickr group. The photos will all be posted from my personal Flickr account. Keep your eyes on this LiveJournal Group though. There will sometimes be LiveJournal exclusive content posted that isn't normally available on the Flickr page.

The first of the new photos posted is an aerial view of the mall from 1986 which shows Gimbels still adorning the mall. Even though the once world-famous Gimbels chain was liquidated in 1986, Consolidated sub-leased this location to sell discounted merchandise, but according to Century III executives at the time, they were not a full-time department store as they did not regularly offer a general line of clothing and housewares.


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