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Digitally Re-Constructed ToyCo
C3Nostalgia 79
altric wrote in c3nostalgia
I have digitally reconstructed a toy store from the Mall's Grand Opening in 1979. The store was named ToyCo, and it was in the mall until about 1986, when Circus World went into the space. C3Nostalgia seems to lack any further data on that however.

Below is the storefront. I had to guess on some of the colors due to this plan being incomplete as a preliminary storefront drawing, and I have no photographs of this store, but the design is still there anyway. I think it looks good.

Once again, this is drawn to 100% scale and to show it being so, I left the default person from the SketchUp Program next to the store.

As an added bonus only here on LiveJournal, I have the Grand Opening Ad from the mall's Grand Opening Supplement to the Tuesday October 23, 1979 and Wednesday October 24, 1979 Editions of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and The Pittsburgh Press newspapers.


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